• Hi there!

    I am a Norwegian journalist, academic and web series aficionado living in Melbourne, Australia.

    I teach journalism at La Trobe University, and my subjects focus on multimedia journalism, digital publishing and law/ethics. I have a background as a newspaper journalist, but in my PhD project I explored and experimented with new media technologies, and made a documentary travel web series called The Inland Sea: An Australian Odyssey.

    I am also the Director of Melbourne WebFest — Australia's first and only international web series festival. Find us at www.melbournewebfest.com.

    All the best,

John Martin

Interview with John Martin

Hungry in the West end is a documentary web series exploring hunger amongst the ageing in the US state of Rhode Island. I caught up with creator John Martin during LA WebFest.

QuickTime PlayerScreenSnapz006

Interview with 3×3 creator Damien Javelle and codirector Ilya Chorafas

3×3 is a transmedia story about a young man with amnesia who is trapped reliving the same three days until he can solve the mystery of his identity.

TIS pt. 14 | Augusta and Margaret River SoupieTHUMB

The Inland Sea episode 14 | Margaret River soup kitchen

Ep. 14: The “Soupie” in Margaret River is not like other soup kitchens. Since the mid-90s Dave Seegar has been serving up a vegan feast twice a week.

Ep 14 teaser

The Inland Sea: Episode 14 teaser

EP. 14 preview: The Margaret River “Soupie” is not your average soup kitchen. Dave Seegar explains what motivated him to start the communal feast in the 90s.


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