The Inland Sea | Episode 4 screening now

After a quick stop at Australia’s most famous landmark, Uluru, we head to Alice Springs in search of an 87-year-old lady named Molly Clark. Molly has spent most of her life at a desert outpost, the Old Andado station, on the edge of the Simpson Desert. If it were up to her, she would still be living out there. But due her health she was forced to move to Alice Springs in 2006. We met Molly at her house in town.

Image gallery from along the road in episode 4 here.

Molly Clark. (Photo: Dida Sundet)

The old cattle ranch lies 350km South East of Alice Springs and can still be visited by travelers. Molly left the place the way it was when she was living there for people to get a look into the life that once was. The homestead is now kept open with the help from visitor’s donations and working bees. There is also an annual party out there, called Molly’s Bash.

For more info about Old Andado, visit their website.

Click this link for the National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame website.

And, check out this virtual tour of Old Andado by Ivan Sanders on YouTube.




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