The Inland Sea: New look, honour roll and new episodes!

Yes! The Inland Sea has a nice new intro thanks to the hard work and dedication of two talented Norwegians who have been studying in Melbourne in the last few years. The design of the sequence has been done by graphic designer Stig Bratvold, who also made The Inland Sea’s logo and the visual identity for our Twitter page and YouTube channel. And, it has been brought to life by animator Håvard Forland Isaksen. I am forever grateful for their efforts and couldn’t be happier about the result.

Take a look for yourselves and feel free to let us know what you think below.

It should be added here that beyond the excitement of having a slick looking and exciting piece to introduce every episode, and a more defined visual identity across the web site and social media umbrella, it has been inspiring to work on the project over the last few months. Being the sole motor can get a bit ‘lonely’ and it has been extremely motivating to see others take an interest in the furthering of the series.

The revamped site design, as you may or may not have noticed, is still in process but we’re getting there. It has been made possible thanks to the helpful hands of Morten Warholm Haugen and Chris Scanlon.

Another inspiring note is that The Inland Sea was the second most watched series on KoldCast TV Thursday this week, with nearly 9,000 views in one day. There’s definitely excitement in those numbers.

Thanks are in order to Aydrea Walden ten Bosch who wrote this piece for The Sixth Wall, KoldCast TV’s blog, about Australian things (and people) who have made an impact on the world. No doubt this piece was driving factor for increasing the views for our show.

Make sure to catch up on previous episodes in their new packaging, and keep an eye out for brand new material, as the odyssey will continue next week. Join us on Facebook, and check back here regularly for exclusive content.

You can always find us on KoldCast TV, ‘the other TV network’, where you can browse a range of other original series, across all genres, made by independent filmmakers and documentarians.


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