Interview with John Martin

Hungry in the West end is a documentary web series exploring hunger amongst the ageing in the US state of Rhode Island. I caught up with creator John Martin during LA WebFest.

Interview with 3×3 creator Damien Javelle and codirector Ilya Chorafas

3×3 is a transmedia story about a young man with amnesia who is trapped reliving the same three days until he can solve the mystery of his identity.

Condition ONE: Immersive video reporting

It’s a revolutionary reporting tool that puts the viewer ‘inside’ the image and lets you decide what to look at.

500 rallied for transparency

Reporting on the pro-Wikileaks protest in Melbourne on Friday December 10, 2010.

Practive vs. code of practice: Kyle and Jackie-O

A day after the now infamous 2DAY FM “lie detector” segment went to air, Steinar Ellingsen raises a few questions about content policy and codes of broadcasting practice.