The Inland Sea episode 10 | The Prince of Hutt River

Episode 10: Since April 1970, Prince Leonard I has claimed the Hutt River Province a sovereign nation.

The Inland Sea episode 8 | The road to Broome

Episode 8 is playing now. 2000 kilometres drive in three days, and then we land in Broome for NYE.

The Inland Sea episode 6 | The UFO capital (Wycliffe Well)

Alien spacecrafts! Abductions! Government conspiracies! Yes please, and a powered camp site for the night, thank you!

Australia hyller Rinnan – Ti år etter Tampa

Kaptein Arne Rinnan fra Kongsberg nektet å følge ordre fra australske myndigheter, og ble til gjengjeld truet med å bli stilt for retten som menneskesmugler.

The Inland Sea begins…

It is with a mix of excitement, nerves and total exhaustion that I now can finally present the first instalment of The Inland Sea: An Australian Odyssey.